You Can Teach Grammar

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You Can Teach Grammar

English | ISBN: 0987900331 | 2013 | 426 Pages | EPUB | 495 KB

Teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) requiresknowledge of content (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation) and methods (lesson planning, classroom management). Many TESOL teacher training programs assume that trainees have sufficient content knowledge, and therefore focus on methodology. Unfortunately, the assumption of content knowledge is often a bad one. Many TESOL graduates enter the work force without a sufficient grounding in English fundamentals.You Can Teach Grammar is a self-contained TESOL grammar course book. It covers all the parts of speech and major sentence structures and provides self-practice quizzes to check comprehension. In addition, the book directly addresses common classroom problems associated with each grammar topic.In the classroom, knowledge of the grammar alone is insufficient. Imparting English grammar skills in memorable and meaningful ways can be tricky, particularly for new teachers. For this reason, You Can Teach Grammar includes a variety of teaching ideas for each grammar topic.You Can Teach Grammar is designed as both a course book and a general reference. Its logical layout and detailed indexing make it a useful resource for teachers in the field as well as for teachers-in-training.


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