Windows 10 Security

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Windows 10 Security

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Windows 10 Security with Office 365 and M365 Tools

What you’ll learn:
Windows 10
Desktop Security
Ransomware Protection
Anti Spam Protection
Anti-Phishing Protection
Security and Compliance

Basic Knowledge of Windows 10
Basic Knowledge of Email
Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Office

This Windows 10 Security Course is designed for IT Admins, Network Administrators, System Analysts or Power Users

In this course, we will review the various options to protect your organization’s documents, email, web browser, and devices, against malicious attacks and security breaches.

We will review the following topics:

Secure yourInbox with Safe Links and Safe Attachments.

Email Encryption

Protect against Accidental Sharing with Data Loss Prevention.

Test and Train Users with Simulated Phishing Attacks.

Spam Protection with Exchange Online Protection.

Protect your Files from Ransomware.

Protect your Browser with Microsoft Defender Smart Screen.

Students are expected to have a foundation in the following Technologies:

Basic Email Features and Functionality

Windows 10

Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel PowerPoint

Office 365 Web Apps, including Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online.

M365 Web Apps

Office 365 Admin Center

Basic concepts of Antivirus Protection, Malware Protection.

Basic concepts of Malware Protection, Spam Protection, and Spyware Protection.

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After completing this course, you’ll understand how to properly protect your Desktop PC, Laptop, or even a MAC in your Home or Office environment. You will understand the concept of Anti-Phishing, Data Loss Prevention, Malware Protection, and Spam Protection.

Using the Enterprise level tools provided in Office 365 and M365, you can protect your organization for only a few dollars per month per user.

Who this course is for
Desktop Users
IT Administrators
Information Technology
Desktop Administrators
Help Desk Administrators