Whistler’s Way: A Thru-Hikers Adventure On The Pacific Crest Trail

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Whistler's Way: A Thru-Hikers Adventure On The Pacific Crest Trail

2021 | ISBN: 1952019028 | English | 266 Pages | EPUB | 4.5 MB

In Whistler’s Way, Bill Monk’s second and much-anticipated book, the intrepid 60 year-old tackles the wildly gorgeous Pacific Crest Trail, 2,653 miles from the Mexican border to British Columbia, from sea level to a nosebleed-inducing 13,153 feet, a truly life-changing trek. Bill brings readers along on his epic journey, describing every detail of five long months filled with breathtaking views, heart-stopping danger, and unrelenting adventure, testing his physical and mental stamina to the limit. Readers will be delighted that he is joined by his friend Scooby for the first couple of months. People who have hiked or plan on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, lovers of nature, and those who want know what it’s like to accomplish a seemingly insurmountable goal will relish this uplifting story, which paints a magnificent portrait of the outdoors and what it’s like to fully immerse oneself in nature’s glorious, awe-inspiring, and occasionally very challenging beauty.



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