Victorian Railway Stations

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Victorian Railway Stations

English | 2016 | ISBN: 1846743354 | 128 Pages | EPUB | 7.1 MB

Victorian railway stations reflected the importance of that revolutionary mode of transport for Britain. The great iron roads transformed both rural and urban landscapes, as well as fundamentally changing the pattern of social and commercial life for all sections of the population.

The stations along the different lines were statements of the pride in them felt by their railway company owners. Each station built carried their individual mark of quality, and in key cities many had money lavished upon them of a celebrity-status magnitude.

Trevor Yorke’s book describes the development of the Victorian stations, with their wide range of architectural influences and styles, and discusses the notable architects employed to create them. His richly illustrated book, filled with his own photographs and detailed drawings, pays tribute to the architectural heritage that has been left to us by the Victorians in their railway stations of all sizes, from the palatial terminus to the humble halt.


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