Untangle Network Security

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Untangle Network Security

English | ISBN: 184951772X | 2014 | 368 Pages | AZW3 | 10 MB

Secure your network against threats and vulnerabilities using the unparalleled Untangle NGFW
About This Book
Learn how to install, deploy, and configure Untangle NG Firewall
Understand network security fundamentals and how to protect your network using Untangle NG Firewall
Step-by-step tutorial supported by many examples and screenshots
Who This Book Is For
If you are a security engineer or a system administrator and want to secure your server infrastructure with the feature-rich Untangle, this book is for you. For individuals who want to start their career in the network security field, this book would serve as a perfect companion to learn the basics of network security and how to implement it using Untangle NGFW.
What You Will Learn
Install andconfigure Untangle NG Firewall
Protect your network using Untangle NG Firewall
Explore Untangle’s apps
Customize user policies for your network
Increase user productivity and enhance WAN performance
Deploy multi-WAN services available in Untangle
Configure remote access and site-to-site VPN using SSL or IPsec
Decipher platform reports
In Detail
Untangle NG Firewall simplifies network security because of its easy configuration and user-friendly interface. These attributes, in addition to its low price, make Untangle one of the most popular UTM products, and the first choice for many SMB

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Starting with a detailed description of the capabilities of Untangle as a server security solution, this book will help you to choose the right hardware and successfully deploy Untangle on your network. You will learn how to tackle a multitude of digital threats by using Filters and Blockers, including Virus Blocker, Spam Blocker, and Spyware Blocker. You will learn how to use these tools in a dedicated scenario-based training module. You will then learn about Untangle’s Network Policy, how to display network-acceptable use policies, and how to enforce network policies for guests and mobile devices. With this book, you will gain hands-on experience of utilizing Untangle’s WAN and VPN services, and you will be tutored on how to effectively secure your network infrastructure in real-world situations, with solutions for every type of business.