Universal Fighter

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Universal Fighter

English | November 29, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08P3HPG5X | 74 Pages | PDF | 0.61 MB

What Do You Learn From This Material?You will learn how to train in the gym if you are a combatant (so as not to reduce the “explosion” and strength endurance). And you will learn how you can train explosiveness, speed and strength endurance without losing too much of your muscles if you are a pure bodybuilder. Here is a list of some of the questions to which I give a detailed answer in the material: What are the benefits of a gym to a combatant? How do I convert strength to speed? (principles of periodization and progression) How to develop strength correctly? (“Wave activation”, TA, PL) What are the methods of developing the maximum speed of muscle contraction? How to develop speed in series? (plyometrics prof. Verkhoshansky) How does the explosion train? (ways to activate from rest) What methods of developing strength endurance are effective? (“Layers” of loads) What exercises develop fighting qualities? (movements needed in battle) What training regimes develop fighting qualities? What are the differences in training a bodybuilder and a martial artist? What pharmacology is used in martial arts? What diet and recovery regime does a fighter need? What complexes are best used by a fighter?What are the key ideas behind the material?There are a lot of ideas. Here are the most basic ones:ACTIVATION OF SPEED FROM POWER. In order for the muscle to become faster, it must first become stronger. However, the development of strength slows down your speed. The solution is to periodize the loads. After gaining strength for 1-2 months, we activate it at speed (2 months).”WAVE ACTIVATION” FOR POWER GROWTH. If you do 1RM before strength work in the range of 5-6 repetitions, then you can take more weight, for the required number of repetitions, than usual (neuro-activation or wave activation). This is one of the most effective ways to increase your strength.”PLIOMETRIC” FOR SPEED IN SERIES. The method of shock training of academician Verkhoshansky. The bottom line is that if a muscle is shock (sharply) stretched before contracting, then this will significantly accelerate the development of the speed of muscle contraction. And especially in a series of movements.ACTIVATION FROM REST FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF “EXPLOSION”. Muscles are one thing, but being able to instantly engage them in work is another. To develop the “explosion”, we perform movements from complete relaxation to the fastest possible engagement.”LAYERS” OF LOADS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF FAST ENDURANCE. You can run for an hour or ten hours. But this is not the stamina you need in a fight, because a fight does not last for hours. You need speed endurance. But this is trained according to the principle: 30 seconds as fast as possible + 30 seconds of rest + repetition in a circle.SIMULATING POWER EXERCISES. There are many strength exercises in my programs that mimic the fighting movements. For example, these are pulls with one hand (needed in the fight to destabilize the enemy), bench press lying on the floor (needed in order to squeeze the opponent away from you in the stalls), Turkish lifts (needed in order to turn the enemy over and leave the guard to mount) , lunges (in order to have a cannon side), etc. etc.

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