Type, Image, Message: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop

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2006 | HQ PDF | ISBN: 159253189X | 193 pages | 101 Mb

Working with type and image and the integration of these two elements to create persuasive and effective design pieces are the foundations of good graphic design. Yet, very little practical information exists for these tasks.

This book changes all it. It gives designers the practical know-how to combine type and image for dynamic effect as well as to use them in contrast to create tension and meaning in design. Creating strong layouts is the most important as well as the most challenging of any project. This book inspires through excellence by exhibiting great design work then deconstructing the processes in simple visual terms.

Type, Image, Message: Merging Pictures and Ideas looks at this respected art form while providing practical information that can be used by any designer wishing to hone the skills needed to merge type with images in an inspired manner.




[Fast Download] Type, Image, Message: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop

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