The World of Architecture

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The World of Architecture

English | 1997 | ISBN: 1851529969 | 218 Pages | PDF | 125 MB

THE WORLD OF ARCHITECTURE brings to life the inspiration behind the world’s bestloved buildings and explains the history of the individual styles of architecture that they represent.

The growth and changes in building styles superbly reflect the history of civilisation from earliest times to the present day: architecture of religious communities, churches, and temples; the architecture of power, palaces, and castles; the architecture of industry; and the architecture of agriculture, commerce, and domestic life.

Paul Holberton’s book is a delighttul, non-academic introduction to all the major styles of architecture – Byzantine, Romanesque, Renaissance, Art Nouveau, and Modern. It is beautifully illustrated with hundreds of photographs, drawings, and cutaway artwork, and it relates lively anecdotes about people and events to bring the whole subject to life.

A country-by-country period chart.
gives ata-glance information on where you can see what when travelling abroad, and a descriptive glossary explains all the more difficult architectural terms.

The World of Architecture, is a wonderful, visual guide, and as such wil stimulate a relaxed and enjoyable understanding of this fascinating subject.


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