The talking dog: Immersion in new technologies

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The talking dog: Immersion in new technologies

English | July 13, 2021 | ISBN: 2492790029 | 179 Pages | MOBI | 1.24 MB

“Neighbors were lining up outside my house to take a ride in the talking car!”

In 1996, the author was general manager Europe for the digital mapping and GPS division at Sony. This role provided the opportunity to use one of the first vehicles with a navigation system for client and neighborhood demonstrations. His next innovative step at Sony was the launch of AIBO, the talking dog (the first robotic dog with artificial intelligence). Since then, his passion and involvement in new technologies has continuallygrown and developed.
This book illustrates, by using personal examples, an international journey with new technologies from the 1990s until today. Creator and developer of 24 companies, he is considered as an international expert in digital technologies and an opinion leader in fields such as E-health, gamification, 5G and Artificial Intelligence.
In simple terms, he explains the evolution of various digital innovations and the benefits that can be derived from these advances.

Nicolas Babin has over 30 years of experience in new technologies and Artificial Intelligence. French citizen, born in Bordeaux, he has lived and worked in the United States, England, Belgium, Japan, Germany and France.

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Today many companies ask him to represent them on social networks. The likes of IBM, Huawei, Amazon, Google, SAP, Oracle and many others involve him in their projects. Similarly, when TF1 (French TV channel) or Reuters need experts to explain different technologies, he is the one they call. He also gives university courses and accompanies start-ups in their development.