The Science of Sleep

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The Science of Sleep: Stop Chasing a Good Night's Sleep and Let It Find You

English | June 22nd, 2021 | ISBN: 0744033683 | 224 Pages | True EPUB | 36.72 MB

Experts of every kind are queueing up to warn us that lack of sleep, or the wrong kind, will bring down a bewildering array of dire consequences.

Heather Darwall-Smith’s message in this book is simple: don’t panic!

Humans are biologically programmed to sleep, and by interrogating all the factors – sociological, physiological, neurological, and psychological – that might be impeding this innate instinct, each of us can work out the changes we can make in our own lifestyles to allow ourselves to sleep naturally again.

Understand and transform your sleep habits, one night at a time.


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