The Science of Electromagnetic Waves: New Quantum Theory

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The Science of Electromagnetic Waves: New Quantum Theory

By Narendra Swarup Agarwal
English | 2020 | ASIN : B08P2C6C48 | 152 Pages | EPUB | 2.8MB

UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES AND APPLICATIONSThe Electromagnetic Waves have the greatest importance in the universe. Any action in the universe is the cumulative result of the interactions of Electromagnetic Waves/Fields of two or more particles. Even a thought in the brain involves interactions amongst the Electromagnetic Waves/Fields of the tiny particles. The scientists started work on light more than 400 years ago and developed particle and wave theories of light. Double Slit Experiment in the year 1801 discovered the dual nature of photons known as Wave-Particle Duality. Since then dual nature of photons of light or Electromagnetic waves remained a mystery until recently.India developed the New Quantum Theory in the year 2012, which explains all the Quantum Phenomena including Wave-Particle Duality and Electromagnetic Waves. All the Quantum Phenomena are the natural proofs of the New Quantum Theory.All the physical, chemical, biological, life processes, nuclear reactions or computer processing, etc. are the results of the interactions of the combined Electromagnetic Waves/Fields of all the particles involved. This useful knowledge of the science of Electromagnetic Waves offers endless applications and possibilities for the research and new developments in all the areas of science. The efficiency of Solar Cells can be increased with the help of the New Quantum Theory.

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