The Sale Ready Company

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The Sale Ready Company

English | July 20th, 2021 | ISBN: 163195329X | 218 Pages | True EPUB | 0.81 MB

For those who own a privately held business, there will be a time they need to plan for leaving their business and The Sale Ready Company walks them through the process.

Meet John Aardvark. He has a dilemma. To be more exact, he has several dilemmas. He knows it’s time to start the transfer process for his business. He has a son and daughter. He would like to keep the business in the family. The problem is he doesn’t know if he can afford to leave, his daughter doesn’t have the experience yet and his son is a complete and total jerk. In this fast-paced parable, readers go along with John’s ride as he works with his long-time consultant to first identify what needs to be done and then put together plans with the right team doing the right things. In The Sale Ready Company, business owners find solutions that appear to be hard but are really easy. Join John on his journey as he finds out how to get his business sale ready and what that’ll mean for his future.


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