The Penguin Book of Chess Positions

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The Penguin Book of Chess Positions

English | 1974 | ISBN: 014046199X | 176 Pages | PDF (scan) | 16.2 MB

Hugh Alexander, distinguished master and writer on chess, here provides an entertaining opportunity for chess players of ail strengths to test and improve their skill.

The first part of the book gives a systematic introduction, with many examples, to combinative play. Part Two has seventy positions for solution, arranged by type in sets of ten. The ten positions are given first, then a set of hints and finally the solutions. The reader is not, as so often happens, prevented from trying the positions for himself by seeing the solutions with the diagrams.

The third part consists of the Test Papers and has a unique feature in that the reader can compare his results with those of some of the best players in the country. The three International Masters, Hartston, Keene and Penrose, a fourth British international, Whiteley, the British ladies’ champion, Jana Hartston and a wide range of club players have done the tests. Their scores are recorded and the reader can thus get an excellent idea of his solving ability and his playing potential.


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