The New Cybersecurity For Beginners And Dummies

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The New Cybersecurity For Beginners And Dummies

English | January 5, 2021 | ASIN: B08S7CNMGW | 31 Pages | AZW,EPUB,PDF | 1.12 MB

This book put together all the possible information with regards to cybersecurity, why you should choose it, the need for cybersecurity and how can you be part of it and fill the cybersecurity talent gap bit by bit. Starting with the essential understanding of security and its needs, we will move to the security domain changes and how artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping to secure systems. Later, this book will walk you through all the skills and tools that everyone who wants to work as a security personal needs to be aware of. Then, this book will teach readers how to think like an attacker and explore some advanced security methodologies.

Lastly, this book will dive deep into how to build practice labs, explore real-world use cases, and get acquainted with various security certifications.
By the end of this book, readers will be well-versed with the security domain and will be capable of making the right choices in the cybersecurity field
Things you will learn
Get an overview of what cybersecurity is, learn about the different faces of cybersecurity and identify the domain that suits you best
Plan your transition into cybersecurity in an efficient and effective way
Learn how to build upon your existing skills and experience in order to prepare for your career in cybersecurity

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