The Ignorant God: Thoughts about Time and Eternity

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The Ignorant God: Thoughts about Time and Eternity

2017 | 87 Pages | ISBN: 1548847534 | PDF | 1 MB

What is time? What is space? What is reality? In this philosophical essay, the author attempts to unravel what is hiding behind the apparent reality by posing sometimes bizarre questions. For centuries, scientists have believed that the real world is physical, made of matter and energy. But what if the world around us is merely a projection of our minds? Scientists have never properly defined what the “nothing” or the “nothingness” is that supposedly lies beyond our universe. In this book, the author explores this question. By slowly peeling away the layers of our senses-touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell-the reader will discover that there is really nothing more to our reality than what our senses present to us. Does reality, perhaps, come from within? Is something more divine hiding in all of us, after all?


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