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English | July 2, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08C8JHK58 | 125 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 2.22 MB

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide For Playing Guitar! Learn How To Play Like A Pro! If you want to learn the largest musical scales to play with your guitar, you must check out this amazing guide! It contains everything you will need to know to start playing guitar like a professional musician. With this guide in your hands, you will find everything you need to know about music theory. You may think, “Why do I need music theory?”, but that makes a difference between a good and great guitar player. When you know the basics, learning everything else will be a piece of cake. Master the ropes of scales and modes. That will allow you to understand music, and with that knowledge, it will be easier for you to create your masterpieces. But you are here to learn how to play guitar, right? Don’t worry, this guide has it all. Discover how to properly tune and take care of your guitar. Learn about the most important guitar scales and where are they used. Master them, and you will master the basics of guitar. Discover the exercises and techniques that professionals use to make their guitar skills better. Techniques like single-string or box pattern practice. Here’s what this incredible cookbook can offer you: Music Theory! Discover the basics of music theory in a new and innovative way. With that power in your mind, you can become a great musician. Scales and Modes! Learn everything about the basic building blocks of music. After that, learning anything else will be a piece of cake The Guitar! Learn how to tune and take care of your guitar. Find out what are the 10 most important guitar scales, and learn techniques that professionals are using.

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