The End of Hunger : Renewed Hope for Feeding the World

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The End of Hunger : Renewed Hope for Feeding the World

English | 2019 | ASIN : B07WN14YMX | 288 Pages | ePUB | 3.74 MB

Jesus’ command is clear: we are called to feed all of God’s children. But is that possible?

Twenty-five years ago, 23.3 percent of the world’s population lived in hunger. Today, that number has dropped to 12.9 percent – giving rise to the renewed hope that what once seemed unthinkable is now within reach. The challenges are great, but the fight to eliminate malnutrition and hunger is one we can win.

The End of Hunger brings together activists, politicians, scientists, pastors, theologians, and artists on this urgent topic. Here is a comprehensive picture of the current situation – the latest facts and figures are presented alongside compelling stories, both from those engaged in the fight against hunger and from the hungry themselves. Here too are clear steps for action by individuals, families, churches, and communities.

This book is designed to inform and inspire you to get involved in the gospel work of eradicating global malnutrition and feeding the hungry. It is Jesus’ command – and together, with God’s help, we can do it.


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