The Diamond Dutch: Strategic Ideas & Powerful Weapons

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The Diamond Dutch: Strategic Ideas & Powerful Weapons

English | April 16, 2014 | ISBN: 9056914413 | EPUB | 300 Pages | 23.3 MB

Grandmaster Viktor Moskalenko shakes up the lines of yet another chess opening! For those who have the Dutch Defense in their repertoire or play against it, this brings an explosive mixture of danger and opportunity. Danger if you stick to your old ways, opportunity if you are ready to take up Moskalenko’s new weapons or his refutations of old ones.

Moskalenko covers the Anti-Dutch, Leningrad, Stonewall and Classical variations. He guides you through this ground-breaking opening book with the enthusiasm, the ease and the humor that characterize his style.

For ‘The Diamond Dutch’ goes what chess star Vassily Ivanchuk said about Moskalenko’s previous work ‘The Perfect Pirc-Modern’: “This book will undoubtedly help you to master not just the Pirc and Modern Defences, but also to systematize and perfect your understanding of the key points of other openings.”


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