The Demon in the Machine

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The Demon in the Machine

English | 31 Jan. 2019 | ISBN: 0241360935 | 240 Pages | PDF | 5.43 MB

How does life create order from chaos? And just what is life, anyway? Leading physicist Paul Davies argues that to find the answers, we must first answer a deeper question- ‘What is information?’ To understand the origins and nature of life, Davies proposes a radical vision of biology which sees the underpinnings of life as similar to circuits and electronics, arguing that life as we know it should really be considered a phenomenon of information storage. In an extraordinary deep dive into the real mechanics of what we take for granted, Davies reveals how biological processes, from photosynthesis to birds’ navigation abilities, rely on quantum mechanics, and explores whether quantum physics could prove to be the secret key of all life on Earth. Lively and accessible, The Demon in the Machineboils down intricate interdisciplinary developments to take readers on an eye-opening journey towards the ultimate goal of science- unifying all theories of the living and the non-living, so that humanity can at last understand its place in the universe.


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