The Complexities of John Hejduk’s Work: Exorcising Outlines, Apparitions and Angels

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The Complexities of John Hejduk's Work: Exorcising Outlines, Apparitions and Angels

2020 | ISBN: 1138476498 | English | 256 Pages | PDF | 12 MB

This book traces the development of John Hejduk’s architectural career, using the idea of “exorcism” to uncover his thought process when examining architectural designs. His work encouraged profound questioning on what, why and how we build, which allowed for more open discourse and enhance the phenomenology found in architectural experiences.

Three distinct eras in his architectural career are applied to analogies of outlines, apparitions and angels throughout the book across seven chapters. Using these thematic examples, the author investigates the progression of thought and depth inside the architect’s imagination by studying key projects such as the Texas houses, Wall House, Architectural Masques and his final works.

Featuring comments by Gloria Fiorentino Hejduk, Stanley Tigerman, Steven Holl, Zaha Hadid, Charles Jencks, Phyllis Lambert, Juhani Pallasmaa, Toshiko Mori and others, this book brings to life the intricacies in the mind of John Hejduk, and would be beneficial for those interested in architecture and design in the 20th century.


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