The Chess Endings: The Basic Guide

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The Chess Endings: The Basic Guide

English | November 13, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08NF2QN6G | 314 Pages | PDF | 8.17 MB

THE BASIC object in the endgame is to promote a Pawn,and get a new Queen. Anextra Queen on the board gives aplayer a superiority in material which is usually decisive.A good pm of this book is devoted to King and Pawnendings, where the win is achieved by turning a Pawn intoa Queen. Other sections of the book feature the Knight, the Bishop,the Rook, and the Queen in important roles, either in helpinga Pawn become a Queen, or in themselves engineering matingcombinations.The terms in all positions are “White to play and win.” Thepurpose is to maintain uniformity, so that White’s Pawnsmove up the board in all cases.The book is designed to improve the skill of the practicalplayer who is interested in winning the ending clearly, simplyand e?iciently. The dilettante, though, who revels in artistryin an ending, has not been neglected. Many ?ne compositionswhose chief purpose is to entertain have also been included.


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