The Beginners’ Guide to RC Electric Cars

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The Beginners' Guide to RC Electric Cars

English | January 1, 2011 | ISBN: 190771202X | 59 Pages | MOBI | 9.99 MB

Welcome to one of the biggest hobbies in the world! In this book, Pete Gray has set out to give you all the basic information you will need to get started withelectric RC cars.

Presented in a simple format and without too much jargon, the information here will help you understand the technology and basic construction of the current breed of electric RC cars, allowing you to make an informed choice as to the first car you should get.

There are chapters that explain the basic components of the cars, will help you decide whether you want to race on or off road and how to set up your car for maximum performance! Once you are happy with your car, the book then explores the benefits of competing in races, and what to expect when you go to your very first race meeting. Pete’s enthusiasm for electric RC cars is truly infectious and this lively and informative book will help ensure you enjoy your first steps into running electric RC cars!


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