The Anatomy of Bodybuilding

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The Anatomy of Bodybuilding

English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08K5CFMRZ | 285 Pages | EPUB | 12 MB

The Anatomy of Bodybuilding :
Today is your lucky day! You’ve found the missing piece: The Anatomy of Bodybuilding, a book of instructions for every exerdse in the gym. Go ahead and check It out for yourself. Flip open the book and pick a page-any page you want. Now, let’s see what you get. Each exerdse is illustrated in amazing detail with a picture that’s worth a thousand words, revealing the anatomy under your skin: the main musdes at work and those musdes that assist during the exerdse. Alongside the illustration are step-by-step instructions on how to perfect your exercise technique. What’s more, you’ll find a list of advanced technical bicks to modify the exercise for maximum effect. You’ll leam how to adjust your grip, where to position your feet, and how to position your body. You’ll discover how to manipulate exerdse trajec- tory and range of motion in order to emphasize different sections of the targeted musde. Whatever choice you face at the gyrn-barbells or dumbbells, free weights or machines, wide grip or narrow grip, indine or dedlne, sitting or standing-you’ll get all the help you need. No weight plate is left unturned.

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