The 5000 most Common Norwegian Words

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The 5000 most Common Norwegian Words

English | ISBN: B06XW8N9MW | 297 Pages | EPUB | March 26, 2017 | 0.23 MB

This book has been prepared to help you boost your Norwegian skills. Whether you prepare for an important exam, contemplate a move to Norway, or simply wants to brush up your skills, we have selected the 5000 words that you will encounter the most often.

Real Norwegian as it is Spoken

Based on newspapers, books and verbal interactions, these words are indeed enough to understand about 90% of any material in Norwegian you can put your hands on.

More Straightforward than flashcards

While learning big volumes of vocabulary can be a daunting enterprise, we made sure to propose you with a simple and comprehensive way to do so. The words are indeed presented from the most common to the least common and all of them are translated in simple terms. Forget about flashcards and focus just on what you need.

We wish you an agreeable learning experience and great success in your learning.


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