THAT’S WHAT I WANT: A private memoir of The Square Set

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THAT'S WHAT I WANT: A private memoir of The Square Set

English | November 26, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08P3WV7TP | 275 Pages | MOBI | 4.88 MB

South African musician and founder member of the super-group The Square Set – Derek Marks, has written a factual account of the music scene during the sixties. Spanning over 5 decades, it tells his story of the pop world with all its trials, tribulations, lies, promises, fun times and love. Nostalgia will abound once the reader is transported into the past when apartheid ruled its citizens. Their music was released internationally and received number one status in Africa, Brazil, Argentina and Portugal. Songs like ‘Silence is Golden’, ‘That’s What I Want’, Carol Carina can no longer be silenced. A well-written easy to read memoir of one of SA leading bass players.


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