Taming Oracle 19c RMAN Backup and Restore

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Taming Oracle 19c RMAN Backup and Restore

English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08KVS3CNF | 126 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 0.51 MB

One area that is critical to any database environment is backup and recovery, but too many times I have seen DBA’s neglecting backups. A perfect example of this is when backups are implemented, but never tested. Then six months later when a production database needs to be restored the DBA realizes that something is actually wrong with the backups, and a full recovery is not possible.
In this book I will provide you with a few quick and easy steps you can follow to start implementing RMAN backups, it is a great source for those who would like to get into all the details of backup and recovery using RMAN.
New Changes in Oracle Database Release 19c explained in detail
Recovery catalog support for PDBs
You can connect to a recovery catalog whenthe target database is a pluggable database (PDB).
Automatic deletion of flashback logs
Flashback logs that are beyond the retention period are automatically deleted. Automatically deleting flashback logs simplifies the management of the fast recovery area and improves the performance of flashback database.
Changes in Oracle Database Release 18c, explained in detail
Duplicate PDBs into an existing CDB
The DUPLICATE command can be used to duplicate a PDB to an existing CDB.
Duplicate databases to Oracle Cloud
An on-premises Oracle database can be duplicated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic. Similarly, you can duplicate an Oracle database in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic as an on-premises database.
Roll forward a physical standby
Improvements to the functionality for rolling forward a standby database result in a simplified procedure for performing this task.
RMAN backups usable after migration
RMAN backups of a non-CDB or PDB that were created before the non-CDB or PDB was migrated and plugged in to a different CDB can be used for recovery operations in the new CDB.
Shadow lost write protection
Data loss is minimized by fast detection and immediate response to data block lost rewrites.

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