Survival Questions To Ask Yourself

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Survival Questions To Ask Yourself

English | October 18, 2017 | ISBN: 154999901X | 34 Pages | EPUB | 0.13 MB

This is going to be a brief but informative book that covers the top questions you need to ask yourself as you begin preparing for disaster. Here are the the survival questions that this book will answer for you: 1. HowWill I Get My Family Involved? 2. How Will I Stay Warm? 3. How Will I Cook Food and Purify Water 4. How Will I Power My Devices? 5. How Will I Pass the Time? 6. How Will I Keep Myself and My Group Safe? 7. How Will I Stay Clean? 8. How Will I Accept More People Into My Survival Group? The point of this book is to directly ask you questions that you may not have asked yourself as a prepper. For example, have you asked yourself how you will get your family involved in prepping if they are not already? Have you ever asked yourself how you will go about accepting more people into your survival group, if any? It’s asking yourself these kinds of questions and finding solutions to those questions that serve as your next step to becoming more prepared for an end of the world disaster.


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