Survival: Bug Out Bag

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Survival: Bug Out Bag

English | March 6, 2016 | ISBN: 1530398908 | 100 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 2.24 MB

Learn How-To Build a Bug Out Bag without Spending a lot of Money

The ultimate guide to surviving 72h of horrifying disaster

Many people don’t take life seriously. They are too relaxed and take our modern world for granted. The consequence is being unprepared! Unfortunately, the world is, and never was, save and stable. There are dangers lurking around every corner, for instance, a black-out, natural disasters and war.
The people who are going to survive, are the ones that are prepared for disaster. A Bug Out Bag, also known as BOB, will provide you with the proper security to survive any disaster that comes your way. It is said that a Bug Out Bag is there to help you survive the first 72h. But that’s not true! A great Bug Out Bag as described in this book will save your ass for for weeks if not formonths and years.
Here is what you’ll learn inside: What is a Bug Out BagWhy Should You Have OneThe Necessities for a Great Bug Out BagOther items you may consider for your Bug Out BagTypes of bags that workTypes of bags that don’t workThings to consider about the bagHow to set up your bug out bagHow your Bug Out Bag can get you in troubleHow to avoid issues with the Bug Out BagBenefits of a Bug Out BagWhen should you pack your Bug Out BagTips for packing the perfect Bug Out Bag

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