Start Muscling: Weight Training At Home For Beginners

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Start Muscling: Weight Training At Home For Beginners

English | December 11, 2016 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: 9781519082442 | 110 Pages | EPUB | 0.82 MB

This book is a complete beginners guide to weight training at home. It is designed for people who want to become stronger, healthier and muscular in a short time, and on a tight budget. Your home will be your gym, and l will tell you what equipment you should have, and what exercises to perform. You will learn about the natural healthy diet and the associated supplements to help you gain muscle and strength. I’ll give you all the right tips and all my knowledge to get you started in the right direction. I know how difficult it can be without the right advice, so I aim to give as much help as possible using my 35 years of weight training experience, so that you can reach your goals safely and sensibly. I will show you the easiest most understanding way possible to train and diet at home. I’ll set out a 10 week program that anyone can do, and most importantly, it will change your body shape and mind for the better. No matter what age or what gender, you’ll find this book easy, useful and fun to assist you to successfully reach your goals. Together we are going to ‘Start Muscling’.

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