Start Buying Stock For Beginners: How To Start Investing In Stocks, Where To Buy Stocks, And Produce Passive Profits

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Start Buying Stock For Beginners: How To Start Investing In Stocks, Where To Buy Stocks, And Produce Passive Profits

English | December 5, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08PJWKXGW | 51 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 0.57 MB

It’s time to diversify! Take your financial future into your own hands and shape it into the life you have always dreamed of.

As Nobel Memorial Prize-Winning Economist, Paul Samuelson once said “Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow”. That may sound boring at first, but take a second to really think about it. There is nothing more satisfying than watching the seeds you sowed with your very own hands, come to life, and thrive with careful nurturing and patience!

If the thought of investing in the stock market has ever crossed your mind, even for just a moment, this is the sign you need to start now.

Stocks are liquid assets and can be turned back into a nice, tidy stack of cash in minutes. With this in mind, and armed with the knowledge held within this book, there is nothing to lose! If you’re new to the stock market, giving it a second try, or trying to gain clarity on current investments, this book has all the answers you could possibly need to shoot down any doubts which may have come to mind, and proceed with total confidence.
Whether you’re a business-minded number-juggler or allergic to all things numeric, this handy beginners’ investment-bible makes good on its oath to provide you with easily actionable, no-nonsense advice to help you get a firm foothold in the stock market.
Within this book, you’ll find;The sole focus is on building your expertise on the star of the show – stocks! There is no chance of being overwhelmed by extraneous information regarding bonds and funds here!Investment strategies which provide the ability to act proactively and make investments which could allow you to retire rich, decades earlier than you had planned.Complete financial autonomy. Say goodbye to horrible bosses and the typical 9-5; call your own shots!The way to cultivate worry-free, hands-off income to keep you retired for good once you retire. No part-time or weekend jobs to pick up the slack!A matter of fact exposition of the stock market made simple, saving you the bother of sifting through nonsensical jargon and buzzwords and getting straight to the point.

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