Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual

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Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual

English | November 11, 2020 | ISBN: 0999081446 | 550 Pages | EPUB | 1.54 MB

Mediocre To Great. Become The Best Software Developer You Can Be – Level Up Your Income, Relationships, Health and Mindset By Mastering Soft Skills.
Success isn’t a clear road for software developers. There’s too much information and it can feel overwhelming. Many developers get stuck and have no idea what to do next.
Soft Skills aims to solve this. To give you a clear path with actionable steps for your career (and life). So you can get back to what you enjoy doing… solving unique puzzles and fun problems.
Most books talk about how to improve your career. Or how to pass interview questions.
But have you ever read a book that tells you how to become the best software developer you can be? Not with technical skills but in every aspect of your life?
Well, I’ve taken the wrong paths. I’ve taken the right paths and some I’m not so sure about.
I haven’t had much guidance in my software development journey. I’ve never felt like there was someone who had a simple step-by-step roadmap I could follow.
I’ve never felt like there was someone who could show me how to be the most successful software developer I could be…
Not in just writing code-but in life in general.
This is why I wrote this book. To make your software development journey a success-Soft Skills will get you there quickly…
This isn’t your typical book filled with untested theories. It’s all based on proven timeless principles and my personal experience.
Notice how many developers get stuck in dead-end jobs but others reach the top with no effort?
Their secret?
This book answers that question.
It’s how I ended up “retired” at 33.
If you’re a software developer and you want to go from decent to great… this book is for you.
“It’s about getting to success. It’s about the habits and strategies, procedures and mindsets, and tricks and hacks that you can use to push yourself ever closer to success. These are the things this book talksabout, and can teach you. They’re things you need to know.” – Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)
What You Will Learn:The Best Ways To Land The Job, Keep The Job And Climb The Corporate Ladder (Avoid the most common mistakes that sink careers before they even start)How To Market Yourself If You Want To Stand Out From Your Competition (Why only the top candidates get the best contracts and positions)10 Step Process To Learn Anything Quickly and EfficientlyComplete Productivity System For 10x Work Output. Everything You Need To Become A Finisher (It’s how I stay and remain motivated)What To Do With Your Paycheck to Maximize Your Earnings (Should I invest? What about debt? When should I negotiate my salary?)My Proven Secrets To Gaining Muscle And Melting Off FatHow To Master Relationships As A Software Developer (Dive deep into yourself for peace of mind)

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