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Smallholding : A Beginner's Guide to Raising Livestock and Growing Garden Produce

by Georgina Starmer
English | 2018 | ISBN: 191045592X | 281 Pages | PDF | 210 MB

Smallholding as a concept is not limited to small-scale farming, and anyone can bring parts of it to their everyday lifestyle, whether it’s a window box to grow produce, a garden to keep chickens, or a field or two for other livestock. Providing a comprehensive overview of smallholding for the beginner, Smallholding is a practical guide to growing food and farming livestock. It helps the reader learn how to incorporate some self-sufficiency into their lifestyle, to become knowledgeable enough to keep livestock, and to enjoy working and being productive with the land they have. It also gives information about making a profit from the fruits of labor, such as selling surplus home grown produce at the farm gate or farmers’ markets.

Contents include: an A-Z growing guide for fruits and vegetables; buying or renting land; soil health; composting; fruit trees; pasture management; and stock fencing. Detailed livestock information is also given on: keeping bees; caring for poultry; goats; llamas and alpacas; pigs; sheep and cattle; and the legal requirements that come with it.

Smallholding is a practical, comprehensive guide to smallholding for beginners, aimed at people who have access to land, as well as those growing produce in their back garden.

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