Sex: 4 Books in 1 (How to Talk Dirty, Kama Sutra, Tantric Sex, Sex Positions)

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Sex: 4 Books in 1 (How to Talk Dirty, Kama Sutra, Tantric Sex, Sex Positions)

English | November 13, 2018 | ISBN: 1731290128 | 364 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 1.57 MB

Sex: 4 Book in 1

Make your partner ask for more!

Thinking of what exciting activities you can do to your partner that will make your relationship hot and exciting? This book will uncover the secrets on your partner’s cravings in sex and with an oozing tips that you and your partner will enjoy together at the same time may help you in restoring and making your relationship like new again through your body’s communication.

This Book includes:
Book 1: How to Talk Dirty
Drive Your Lover Insane: Over 500 Dirty Talk Examples that will have them going gonzo, scaling the walls and pleading for sex (A How-to Guide that will Unleash the Sexual Beast and Spice Up your Sex Life)
A book brimming with over 500 samples of How to Talk Dirty. A manual on the right way to set your lover on fire with lust and desire.
Book 2: Kama Sutra
100+ Old And New Practices For A Blissful Sex Life
A book busting at the seams with over 50 simple hacks and tricks plucked straight form the Kama Sutra. A manual With Tom and Jane in mind. A manual that makes having multiple orgasm seem like a breeze and not a dream.
Book 3: Tantric Sex Redux
Tantric Sex 101: The How to Guide of Tantric Sex (Over 50 Hacks to Turn Your Sex Life on Its Head)
No more problems with a trigger happy pistol. No more hiccups with a sexual lust that sparks out right after the opening act. No more pitfalls with not understanding what foreplay is. Drive your lover mad, drive them up the wall, drive them to that place where they can’t take it anymore.

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Book 4: Mind Blowing Sex Positions

Over 100 Erotic Sex Tips, Hacks and Workarounds Smut Filled Golden Nuggets of Wisdom By Pros’

It’s not just about getting into a mountain of flesh and playing hide the salami in odd and bizarre ways. It’s not just about giving your love life and sexual adventures a shot of Prozac straight in the arm. It’s not just about free basing Kama Sutra positions like your an addict who just discovered his genitals. It’s about having fun, breaking the missionary rule and not dying in the process.