Self-defense essentials for women: Hands off! Fight back offenders with simple and effective techniques

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Self-defense essentials for women: Hands off! Fight back offenders with simple and effective techniques

English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08D8BWYPK | 100 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 2.69 MB

Simple and effective self-defense techniques for women
Every year, hundreds of thousands of girls and women are attacked around the world. The reasons are different, from hooligan motives to robberies and attempted rape. Women are called weaker sex, but do you always need to have tremendous strength to protect yourself from the criminal and is it possible to save your life and honor? This book will tell you how to behave during an attack, what to do to protect yourself. It will teach you the most effective and simple techniques for self-defense, which every woman, regardless of age, size, level of training, can use to deal with any criminal.

What isinside the book?
The book is well organized. Each chapter of the book details self-defense techniques, counterattack movements, tips and tricks, as well as vivid photographs for easy learning and mastering defense skills. The book describes the most common situations of sudden unprovoked attacks on a woman with punches, kicks, strangulation, attempts to rape and grab various parts of the body from different positions and protection techniques against them, such as blocks, retreat from the line of attack and counter-attack techniques with the help of arms, fingers, palms, head and legs.

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Start learning and practicing your self-defense skills today
Training or previous experience is not required. All the techniques and methods described in the book will be useful for women, the elderly and even children. You do not need to be an athlete to stop a criminal and protect yourself. Each technique has detailed descriptions and good illustrations for faster and easier learning. Parents will be able to teach their children self-defense techniques. After learning the lessons of self-defense, you will feel more confident in any situation: on the street, in the club, in a public or private place.