Science Fiction and Innovation Design

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Science Fiction and Innovation Design

English | ISBN: 1786305836 | 2020 | 240 Pages | PDF | 3 MB

From the Introduction:
…Design fiction and science fiction prototyping are examples of practices that use science fiction to stimulate creativity and invent utopian technologies that initiate innovation processes. The term design fiction was coined by science fiction author Bruce Sterling in 2005. It has since become a concept adopted by more and more economic actors. The specialists in this
practice provide advice to companies, proposing various approaches, such asxii Science Fiction and Innovation Design
the invention of technological fictions to detect promising and innovative concepts. Science fiction culture is common to a large number of actors, especially among engineers, a professional category of particular interest to us here. The sociology of science and organizations, as well as the sociology of the imaginary world, has in recent years provided knowledge on the
interactions between fiction, technology and R&D. This book will address a large number of theories on the contribution of science fiction to the imagination of engineers and technoscientific innovation…


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