SBD Dauntless in action

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SBD Dauntless in action - Aircraft Number 64 (Squadron/Signal Publications 1064)

Squadron/Signal Publications | 1984 | ISBN: 0897471539 | English | 51 Pages | PDF | 12.07 MB

Squadron/Signal Publications 1064
The Douglas SBD Dauntless was one of the key US Navy aircraft of the Pacific War, and one of the outstanding dive bombers of the Second World War. The aircraft sunk more Japanese ships than any other aircraft, and during the Battle of Midway, sank four Japanese aircraft carriers, thus turning the tide of the Pacific War.
Robert C. Stern, in his “SBD Dauntless in Action,” does an excellent job describing this otherwise unassuming aircraft. Like most Squadron/Signal “in Action” publications, the book includes lots of photographs, illustrations detailing the different versions, a three-view line drawing, and a page of color plates. The book starts chronologically, starting with the SBD’s predecessor the Northrop BT-1 before moving on to the prototype XSBD-1 and SBD-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 production versions. Besides offering lots of technical details, the book describes briefly the operational history of the dive bomber, beginning with the aircraft’s use at Pearl Harbor before moving on to the Battle of the Coral Sea and the Battle of Midway. He concludes with a discussion of the aircraft’s use as a shore-based patrol bomber and finally, trainer, having been replaced in front-line carrier service by the newer and more powerful Curtiss SB2C Helldiver.
All total this book offers a good summary of the SBD’s operational and technical history, and is a useful addition to the literature on this important aircraft.

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