Samsung Galaxy Tabs For Dummies

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Samsung Galaxy Tabs For Dummies

English | February 6th, 2019 | ISBN: 1119466601 | 304 Pages | EPUB | 10.87 MB

Welcome to the Galaxy

Popular for both work and play, Android tablets fill a useful niche between smartphone and computer. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab kicks it up a notch, offering both hardware and software technology beyond its competitors. Samsung enhances the basics-web, email, eReader, navigation, music, video, camera-and offers unique tools such as the Bixby assistant and the high-tech S-Pen. Coupled with an envious design, Galaxy Tab is a formidable contender to other devices, offering features you won’t find anywhere else.

Samsung Galaxy Tab For Dummies helps you take full advantage of everything this sweet device has to offer. Whether you’re looking to keep in touch with friends and family on social media, want a portable way to stay connected to your work, or desire to read the latest potboiler or catch-up with the latest streaming TV drama, the Galaxy Tab makes it possible-and this book shows you how.

Set up and start using your new tablet
Connect with email, video chat, and explore social media
Play games, enjoy music, watch movies and streaming TV
Browse digital magazines and enjoy ebooks

A whole new galaxy awaits! Get ready to soak it all in!

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