Rory’s Syrian Journal

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Rory's Syrian Journal

English | 2014 | 122 Pages | ISBN: 1505656575 | EPUB | 3.6 MB

In July, 2005, Rory Allardice went on a short tour of Syria. Rory had several reasons for this journey.
He had lived close to Syria for many years and had friends and colleagues from there.
Rorys father had been there in 1942 during his commando training in the Second World War, just before embarking on a dangerous raid in Libya and had written about it in his autobiography.
Another reason for the trip was to explore the outstanding archeological sites and to learn more about the history of Syria and its rich culture and its ethnic and religious diversity.
This was a special trip as he was bidding a final farewell to his close friend, Peter McKinney, with whom he had shared many good times and adventures.
This is a record of the trip to a country that has now changed beyond recognition. Sadly, many of the sites and places, which were visited have been vandalized beyond repair and communities that coexisted for hundreds of years have been broken and exiled.


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