Roland in Moonlight

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Roland in Moonlight

English | 2021 | ISBN: 1621386937, 1621386945 | 386 Pages | EPUB | 0.53 MB

As everyone knows, the bond between homo sapiens sapiens and canis lupus familiaris has traversed the ages. But few could have anticipated the remarkable exchange here recounted between David Bentley Hart and a noble beast named Roland.

Roland in Moonlight breaks new ground within Hart’s already astonishingly wide-ranging body of work. Eschewing the rigidity of the human either/or, Roland’s diagonal approach offers secret illuminations and hidden affinities, as all and sundry come into his purview: paganism, dreams, language, myth, politics, American Christianity, Indian metaphysics, Japanese aesthetics… But perhaps most of all, the book is a kaleidoscopic exploration of the nature of mind and consciousness.

Woven through all this is a candid memoir, a story of loss and recovery, of personal trials and tribulations, with Roland “leading the way through the darkened rooms and the sporadic shafts of icy moonlight, his mottled coat a constantly fluctuating counterpoint of shadow and light”-a strange and sure balm for the soul.

Roland in Moonlight is a wholly unforgettable reading experience-a journey into the possible upon the wings of a heavenly discourse between man and beast, and the singular-indeed, blessed-rapport that guides their lives. It is impossible not to be swept along as Roland takes flight.

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