Renal Diet Cookbook For Beginners

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Renal Diet Cookbook For Beginners

By Susan Lower
English | 2020 | ASIN : B08P3WFWYD | 240 Pages | EPUB, MOBI | 9.7 MB

Renal Diet Cookbook For Beginners: Here’s Your Solution to Manage Diabetes and
Kidney Disease, Improve Your Health, Lose Weight, and Feel Better Than Ever (200+ easy,
healthy, and delicious recipies + a meal plan for 4 weeks)
Would you
like to:

Manage, treat, and slow the progression of diabetes and kidney disease?
Help your body get rid of toxins and feel much better in just a few weeks?
Start enjoying a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits to lose weight quickly?

Then it’s time for the renal diet!

Our bodies are incredible machines, but sometimes they need our help to function! The best thing you can do for your body is giving it proper and nutritious food. Whether you’re looking to treat and manage diabetes or kidney disease, your body needs nutrients that help it get rid of toxins.

With this renal diet cookbook, you will be able to cook healthy meals that improve your well-being and slow the progress of your ailment. All the recipes are based on scientific findings that show a diet is a key ingredient of a healthy life. A well-designed renal diet can be a deciding factor in your health!

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Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Everything you wanted to know about renal diet, explained in simple terms
Detailed and simple recipes with healthy ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions
Over 200 delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, side dishes…
Plenty of recipes based on meat, poultry, vegetables, fish and seafood, for variation