Redcoats and Courtesans: The Birth of the British Army (1660-1690)

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Redcoats and Courtesans: The Birth of the British Army (1660-1690)

Brassey’s | 1994 | ISBN: 1857530977 | English | 315 Pages | PDF | 111.03 MB

This book tells the story of the birth of the modern British Army and its growth from a small force of Foot and Horse Guards, to a standing army of over three dozen famous regiments, including those who fought in the Seven Years War (1756-63) in North America, and later during the American War of Independence. Placing the army in its political and social contexts during the reigns of Charles II and James II, Redcoats and Courtesans is a tale of political intrigue, petticoat diplomacy and a licentious court. The kings and ministers with colorfull courtiers and glamorous ladies had unusual influence on the English army of early modern times. Colonel Noel St John Williams is the author of Judy O’Grady and the Colonel’s Lady: The Army Wife and Camp Follower.


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