Reason for Life

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Reason for Life: Positive Action with Moral Purpose

English | May 2, 2012 | ISBN: 1458202712 | EPUB | 130 Pages | 45.4 MB

In the realm of physics, the ultimate gateway to knowledge may be opened by a Unified Field Theory that Albert Einstein sought for the last quarter century of his life. The purpose of such a theory would be to bridge the gap between relativity and quantum theory, the very large and the very small, the laws of gravitation and of electromagnetism.

In this spirit, Reason for Life presents a ratiocination of life’s order and design, universal connectedness and unification of all things, the fundamental basis for belief in human purpose and meaning.

Reason for Life serves as a written and visual expression of one man’s life experience. A work of both prose and poetry, it reflects a broad scope of thought and feeling, yielding a passionate reservoir of knowing and not knowing, analysis of being and nothingness, the wonder of God, and a logical critique of contemporary belief in an absolute chaos. This commentary explores hope within the boundaries of human belief and transcendent emotion, derived from comprehension of universal causation and unification of all things.

From the true feelings of love to thoughts on how things relate despite the space that divides them and the chaos that reigns in the universe, this work evokes a great depth of emotion. It explores the hope and emotions that fill our daily lives and enable us to move on to the next day despite the unanswered questions about life that follow us constantly. Most of all, this collection searches for the reason for our very existence-to discover who and what we are while searching for love, a connection to life, and the ultimate source of our true being.

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