Raising Goats: Beginners Guide to Raising Healthy and Happy Goats

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Raising Goats: Beginners Guide to Raising Healthy and Happy Goats

By Janet Wilson
English | 2020 | ISBN : 1951791819 | 152 Pages | EPUB | 7.4 MB

Thinking of becoming a goat owner? This all-encompassing beginners guide will be of great help in your efforts to raise healthy and happy goats!

Whether you have your mind set on becoming more self-reliant, a homesteader, or want to raise goats just for the fun of it – you have to know where to start from. However, with more than 200 goat breeds, you probably don’t even know what breed to choose.

Are you questioning yourself:

Can I have goats?
How many goats should I get?
Will raising goats take too much of my time?
Which breed should I choose according to my needs?

Thankfully, with this book, you can figure it all out. This practical guide to raising goats – not only it answers some of the most common questions – but it offers further advice on how to raise a happy and healthy herd.

This is what this book has to offer:

Choosing the right breed: consider your needs and expectations and choose the breed of goats accordingly;
Becoming friends with goats: learn how to make the most out of goats’ friendly nature and intelligence;
Goats by function: a thorough explanation of the most popular breeds and their functions (pet, brush, dairy goats, etc);
Set up and maintenance: from nutrition to shelter, bedding, fencing, goat health, training your goats, etc;
Breeding: seasons and cycles of goat breeding, choosing breeding partners, planning the timing, pregnancy, etc;
And much more!

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Packed with theoretical and practical advices about how to raise goats, this book will help you raise your own family of goats. The author makes sure to explain all questions you might have concerning goats, how to take care of them, and ensure they’re healthy and happy!