RAISED BED GARDEN FOR BEGINNERS: A Complete Guide to Building, Sustaining and Growing Fruits

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RAISED BED GARDEN FOR BEGINNERS: A Complete Guide to Building, Sustaining and Growing Fruits

English | June 24, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08BV6Q681 | 89 Pages | PDF | 6.67 MB

Raised bed gardening: The ultimate way to grow healthy plants with less space.Have you seriously thought of setting up your own garden, but your space is not enough for traditional gardening? Do you want to grow fruits, veggies or even attractive flowers without the arduous work involved in traditional gardening?If yes is your answer to any of these questions, then this book has the answer to your questions.Raised bed gardening is becoming more popular, is so because. It involves far less bending as well as being more pleasing to look at and often has a more plentiful harvest thantraditional gardening.In this complete guide, gardening professional ELDEN CANDRA shows you how to set up your raised bed garden with Practical photos and illustrations and how to choose the right materials for your raised bed garden frame and to practical tips that will help you produce a bountiful harvest yield.Also in this book, you’re going to discover:
How to choose the perfect size for your garden bed’s frame
Choosing the best material for your raised garden frame and materials to avoid
15+ pleasing raised bed garden design ideals
How to choose the best raised bed that suites your area
How big your raised bed should be
The easiest and best vegetables to grow
Raised bed soil recipe
The perfect soil mixture for raised bed gardens to encourage healthy plant growth
Important factors to consider when choosing a position to place your raised bed garden
Useful tips and tricks to help you grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers in your new raised bed garden
And many lots more!Whether you are gardening for the first-time and you are looking for a more convenient, modern method to gardening, or you’re a veteran traditional gardener looking to improve your gardening skills, the information contained in this book will guide you to create an entire garden of raised beds that is more resourceful.

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