Public Speaking Strategies: A Practical Guide

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Public Speaking Strategies: A Practical Guide

English | January 23, 2018 | ISBN: 1976982782 | 108 Pages | MOBI | 0.19 MB

Speaking in public can be difficult. Most people are either afraid of embarrassment or afraid to make a bad impression. To overcome these fears and become an effective communicator, it’s vital to acquire public speaking skills.When we think about public speaking, we usually think of formal occasions like corporate updates and conferences. But public speaking actually refers to every time you talk to a group of people, whether they’re friends, clients, colleagues, or customers. Speaking in public is the most basic, direct, and powerful way you can communicate.Learning how to become an effective public speaker can help you succeed in your career.Public speaking skills benefit both the speaker and the listener. Audiences learn from you and are entertained when you effectively communicate your ideas.And you, as the speaker, benefit by leaving a lasting impression of competence and confidence in your chosen field.This course can help you to prepare effective public speeches. It sets out the preparations you should make before getting up to talk to a group – including choosing your topic and researching it properly as well as writing and practicing your speech. Making these preparations can help you become an effective public speaker.This course begins by detailing how to select an effective topic for your speech – one that you feel comfortable talking about, fulfills your objectives, and resonates with your audience.Next, it outlines how to effectively research your topic and prepare for making your speech. Thorough research is the foundation of an effective speech. Also, making preparations minimizes the possibility of mishaps during your speech.Finally, this course sets out how to write and practice your speech. Structuring your speech correctly and practicing it beforehand contribute toward a successful public speaking experience.Can you think of a time, with your family or friends, when you were telling a story and every eye was on you? When you were relaxed and the words came easily? Don’t you wish it was that easy every time you had a formal public speaking engagement? Most people are capable of communicating effectively in an informal situation. But when a formal speech is required, the same people often feel overwhelmed.For most people, public speaking doesn’t come naturally. It takes practice and preparation to get your delivery just perfect. In this course you’ll learn techniques to increase your confidence and your public speaking skills.You’ll begin by learning the basics of good speech delivery – how to start strong by encouraging your confidence, making a good first impression, and building rapport with your audience. You’ll also learn how to hold the attention of the audience and finish strong.You’ll learn how to recognize some of the common challenges of public speaking, such as an audience losing focus, being uncooperative, asking difficult questions, or heckling. And you’ll learn techniques to deal with each challenge effectively.This course will also teach you techniques to overcome your public speaking anxiety. You’ll learn how to adequately prepare leading up to your speech, and how important it is to relax before you speak.You’ll learn how to get acquainted with your location and listeners and how to focus on your key points when you get nervous. Finally, you’ll learn how practicing public speaking will lead to greater confidence.The last section of this course will give you a chance to practice all you’ve learned and simulate delivering a speech with confidence.You’ll practice conquering your anxiety, handling difficult questions, dealing with hecklers, and regaining the focus of an audience that’s fading.

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