Piano For Dummies (For Dummies (Music))

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Piano For Dummies (For Dummies (Music))

English | August 4, 2020 | ISBN: 1119700973 | 384 Pages | PDF | 19 MB

The key to fast and fun piano proficiency!??
Explore the basics of the piano keyboard
Read music and understand keys and time signatures
Play melodies and hone your techniques

If you’ve dreamed of playing piano, here’s where to start!

There’s no better way to start learning music than by learning how to play piano. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had a lesson or need a refresher on piano basics, this book helps you discover the joy of making music on the most versatile instrument of all. Simple step-by-step instruction gets you started, guiding you from basic beginner tunes into more advanced techniques. Get acquainted, or reacquainted, with how to read music, play chords, and build your own playing style.

Play your first notes
Find Middle C and beyond
Get started with beginner tunes
Approach old lessons in a new way
Navigate sharps and flats



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