Photographing Babies & Toddlers

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Photographing Babies & Toddlers

English | 2002 | ISBN: 1855859998 | 132 Pages | PDF | 102 MB

It’s your child’s first birthday, so you drag him to a discount photo “studio” where he is propped up in front of a phony backdrop, a strange toy stuffed in his hand, and sternly instructed to smile. You’d cry too if it happened to you! Don’t rely on someone else to immortalize the essence of your baby’s charm on film. Do it yourself with professional tips from master photographer and best-selling author, John Hedgecoe. Illustrated with more than 150 adorable baby photos, this book offers inspiration and instruction. Produce top-quality images of your baby in a variety of situations, formal or informal, posed or candid, alone or in a group. From breakfastime to bathtime, you can capture any moment successfully whatever your camera. Preserve forever the precious moments of your baby’s first three years like no one else can.


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