Pattern Recognition and Computational Intelligence Techniques Using Matlab

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Pattern Recognition and Computational Intelligence Techniques Using Matlab

English | PDF(Repost),EPUB | 2020 | 263 Pages | ISBN : 3030222721 | 52.5 MB

This book presents the complex topic of using computational intelligence for pattern recognition in a straightforward and applicable way, using Matlab to illustrate topics and concepts. The author covers computational intelligence tools like particle swarm optimization, bacterial foraging, simulated annealing, genetic algorithm, andartificial neural networks.
The Matlab based illustrations along with the code are given for every topic. Readers get a quick basic understanding of various pattern recognition techniques using only the required depth in math. The Matlab program and algorithm are given along with the running text, providing clarity and usefulness of the various techniques.

Presents pattern recognition and the computational intelligence using Matlab;
Includes mixtures of theory, math, and algorithms, letting readers understand the concepts quickly;
Outlines an array of classifiers, various regression models, statistical tests and the techniques for pattern recognition using computational intelligence.


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