Not Here, But in Another Place

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Not Here, But in Another Place

English | October 28, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08M65SVLL | 450 Pages | EPUB | 0.49 MB

A true story of captors, hostages and terror.

In 1975, a train in the Netherlands was hijacked by South Moluccans, demanding the independent republic promised to them by the Dutch government. In1977 history repeated itself with another train hijacking, whilst elsewhere an entire school was also held hostage.

The demands were the same; an independent South Moluccan Republic once promised but never delivered by the Dutch government, freedom from prosecution, and a flight to safety. In the first attack, three hostages were killed in a standoff that lasted 12 days. In the second incident two were killed, with the train passengers kept hostage for 20 days.

This sensitive and detailed account dramatizes why and how the attacks happened, exploring the grievances of the Moluccans and the response of the Dutch government. Not Here, But In Another Place is a must-read that explores issues of national security and the legacy of colonialism.

Ralph Barker was an English writer and Second World War RAF veteran who wrote over twenty-five books.


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