NOLS Wilderness Medicine, 7th Edition

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NOLS Wilderness Medicine, 7th Edition

English | July 1st, 2021 | ISBN: 0811739961 | 392 pages | True EPUB | 6.08 MB

The seventh edition of the bestselling NOLS Wilderness Medicine includes all the key first-aid information that made previous editions so valuable, now updated throughout with the latest medical recommendations. This guide is used in NOLS and WMI courses to train outdoor leaders to prevent, recognize, and treat common medical problems and to stabilize severely ill or injured patients for evacuation. A vital resource for outdoor enthusiasts, this book covers fundamental topics in first aid from the unique perspective of the National Outdoor Leadership School.

First-aid topics include patient assessments, shock, soft tissue injury, burns, fractures and dislocations, and chest, head, and abdominal injury.
Learn how to handle common environmental problems-heat, cold, water, altitude, and poisonous plants and animals.

Vital material is presented in an easy-to-use reference format to save valuable time in an emergency.


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